Flours & Chocolate


My name is Katie Blaede, and I love:

  1. Making cookies
  2. Whimsical design and illustration
  3. Sharing things I make with others

This is not a comprehensive list, of course. But if you’re wondering what Flours & Chocolate is about, it’s a useful place to start.

At this moment, you can think of Flours & Chocolate as my recipe binder—a place where I can record recipes I think are worth recording for posterity. It might be something I’ve tried for the first time and have plans to revisit or rework, or something I literally have memorized, like my chocolate chip cookies.

In the future, I hope to share a bit more here about my methods behind choosing ingredients and techniques, so that you can feel confident about the choices you make to bake great cookies, too. I’d also love to have a store set up where you can buy fun merch like apparel and home goods. And someday I may pursue selling homemade cookies to Colorado residents thanks to the Colorado Cottage Foods Act!

And if I don’t get to any of those things: that’s okay. At the very least, I’m centralizing my recipes and just having fun. I hope you have fun making cookies, too!

You can send me a tip on Ko-fi to financially support my cookie endeavors. You can also support me by sharing this site with your family and friends. And if you make some cookies, tag @floursandchocolate on Instagram to show me!